Deluxe Americana Chicken Coop

Americana Chicken Coop

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The Deluxe style and size of the Americana is unmistakable. The Dormer option (featured) and Double front doors are attractive upgrades that add light and easier access and create a perfect blend of functionality and style. Add the Board and Batten and Dutch Door and your coop will become the focal point of your ranch. 

Happy chickens stay healthy and lay more eggs! Our chicken coops will keep your chickens stress-free, happy, and producing eggs like never before. Roomy coops, comfortable nesting boxes, and sturdy roosting bars create the perfect environment for your flock of chickens. 

Add an enclosed chicken run and an automated entry door and you’ll give them a sense of security and plenty of room to move around. And, at the same time, give yourself convenience and peace of mind that your chickens are happy and safe. 

Options included in price:

Double Doors (Except for 6x8). 

Board and Batten. 

Xtra Ventilation Doors. 

Dutch Door on RH Door. 

Glassboard Floor. 


Additional Options Available but not included:

Electrical Kit with Farmhouse Lights. 

Auto Solar Door. 

Covered Chicken Run. 

Removable Droppings Trays. 


6'x8'    -  12-24 Chickens

8’X10’  -  20-40 Chickens

8'x16'  -  42-64 Chickens