About Us

Born and raised Amish, quality workmanship was bred into the owners of JH Woodworks, Luke and Lucinda Coblentz. Their earliest memories are of their Grandfather teaching their father carpentry and furniture making as they watched in a small shop in northern Indiana. 

Today, just north of Austin, Texas, Luke and Lucinda are passing on the traditions of quality and workmanship to their kids. Each project incorporates generations of skill and knowledge with the single goal of crafting products that will put a smile on their customers' faces for years to come. 

Quality woodworking seems to have become a lost art in today’s world. Real value can only be measured years down the road when a product is still performing as well as when it was new. That’s why every chicken coop, play system, and custom project is designed, cut, and assembled by hand in Florence, Texas. 

JH Woodworks, named after Grandpa Hochstetler, was established in 2015 with the intent of bringing high-quality play systems to the back yards of kids all over the Austin area. Since then, the business has expanded to include chicken coops and accessories, and a wide range of amazing custom projects. To date, hundreds of smiles and thousands of memories have been created on JH Woodworks products.