We are having a blast with Tree Houses! The possibilities are limitless and most often it is the client who will come up with the inspiration and then call us to discuss the possibilities. The best part about Treehouses has to the process of bringing to life the dreams of each individual. From young children to grandparents they all share in the excitement!

Out treehouses have evolved from playsystems. We begin with a “Hybrid”, bringing the Play Scape up to the tree and even building around it. This creates a treehouse feel without touching the tree.

Some requests are for Treehouses with weather proof  cabins, sealed for overnight retreats. Even electricity can be added for heaters or a/c units to stay comfortable. You can then add furniture etc. for more fun.

Some Treehouses are simply built with Deckboard walls that allow wind and rain to penetrate but provide hours of fun and privacy, providing a safe space to play. The windows and doors are cut-out to provide light and also allow air flow.

Then there’s the Treehouse that has a railing around it with a simple roof for shade. Or it may not even have a roof at all. Each system is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Once the Treehouse is designed and planned out, most accessories from any playsystem can be added to make it a functional and beautiful play area for everyone. Swings, Slides, Zip Lines…From Fort to Climber to Hideout, it’s all about experiencing fun and happy memories!


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