We had a blast crafting this one! From start to finish, it turned out to be a very rewarding project. The Octagon tower has a Rope Ladder access point with a Trapdoor that can be locked to keep out intruders. We put in several octagon window openings for the sentry to keep his eye on the surroundings.

Leaving the Octagon Tower and making our way across the bridge and into the square Tower, we find plenty of room to play. Open the Sliding Barn Door, step out onto the Lookout and try not to be overwhelmed with the view! You can exit via the 70′ zip line or the 10′ Super Tube Slide.

We installed 2 Hammock Swings for adults to enjoy while they supervise the children playing. The swings are very sturdy and the high swing beam gives a long, pleasing swing.

We finished it off with a Teak Finish, blending it into the surrounding trees, giving it a pleasing backyard look for any home.


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