Sure to evoke happy screams of delight, the Open Range brings out the Cowboy in all of us. Grab your favorite pair of cowboy boots and a six-shooter and you will be sure to ride in like a hero. Your little cowboys & cowgirls will thank you! From the finely matched team of Horses to the mini Stage Coach to following the wagon trails in the sand, young children and even toddlers will have hours of fun! All you need now is boots, spurs and a cowboy hat.

Using quality lumber we created a Tunnel to hide in and a Stage Coach with a little slide and windows to peek out of. From Oregon comes the custom canvas just like in the wagon trains. Our Covered Wagon Sandbox will keep out the sun while keeping in the fun. The attention to detail on the horses will bring a smile to any child’s face.

Covered Wagon Sandbox
Wooden Tunnel, H-Style
2 Horses with reins and a step to mount up
Detailed Stage Coach with steps and slide


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